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Join our culturally diverse team that believes in hard work and intelligence.

'QUASIS – technologie intelligente'

Quasis is a Quebec-based IT consulting and application development company founded in 2020 with experience in technology services in development, consulting and outsourcing.

We specialize in the development of individual mobile applications and games (Android and iOS), software (Internet and PC), server applications of any complexity. We also provide services for the development of virtual and augmented reality.

QUASIS works with startups and companies to help them refine the latest strategies. We provide end-to-end solutions from concept design to deployment support. In addition, our solutions set generally accepted standards for quality, performance and performance in the industry. Through collaboration and synchronization, we build an organized teamwork that is always better than the sum of the efforts of individual developers. Together we see more solutions and can choose the most effective ones. Our mission is to develop customized applications, we are proud to participate in building the future!

When it comes to working technologies, Agile methodology is an integral part of our development process. This is the reason why we always satisfy our customers in this ever-changing competitive market.

Vision and Mission

With a mission of expectation to meet customers, Kasis is dedicated to providing exceptional mobile application solutions to customers. Our team is expanding to develop applications in various fields for Android and iOS users. We provide high quality application development services with cost and schedule constraints.

Our vision is to improve the efficiency of the provided solution by providing high quality business solutions. Our team of experts achieves clients' goals through professional advice that delivers optimal solutions and reliable, cost-effective solutions. We have a social motto: make people's lives easier, better and safer, so that we are recognized as a symbol of reliability, innovation and hard work.


Mr. Murray Parisian

Ryder Volkman

Bradly Morar

Tomas Kassulke

Adela Koelpin

Donald Steuber

Brody Purdy

Ms. Kari Schmeler

Miss Alexandria Mayert Jr.

Janis Stanton

August Nienow

Bryana Dickinson

Elvie Botsford

Magdalen Effertz

Justen Walker II

Savanah Grimes

Ike Schaefer

Ray Wunsch

Jada Wilkinson

Prof. Whitney Jones PhD

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